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Card boxes for the keen collector. Plain or with a logo, the choice is yours, and whichever you choose, you can be sure that your box will be a showpiece!

We are expanding our range but if there is something you’d like to see please
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  • 1 section will hold approx 430 sleeved cards
  • 5 sections in box
  • Top tray
Insert in box

Cutting up insert pieces
Insert pieces ready for assembly
This Dominion Box is perfect for the keen player who has a big collection of cards.
Measures 35cm wide x 30.5cm deep and 13cm high.
Our trademark hardwood is precision laser cut before hand assembly, then finished off with our special varnish to protect and bring out the beauty of the wood.
5 sections for cards - 1 section will take approx 430 sleeved cards.
The top tray will hold game rules.
Box only - no contents are included.


  • Engraved lid
  • 12 removable dividers
  • Top tray
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This lovely Collectible Card Game Box is perfect for the enthusiast who wants an elegant and compact storage solution.

Beautiful engraving on the lid makes this box stand out in a crowd! Measures a generous 31cm x 15.5cm x 13cm - the internal slots for cards measures 10cm high so plenty of room for your cards - sleeved or unsleeved. 4 sections - each section will take approx 450 unsleeved cards with dividers - included are 12 dividers and a tray which sits neatly in the top of the box - this is 1.5cm deep so will easily take tokens if needed - or game rules.


  • Request customising
  • 16 removable dividers
  • Approx 3000 unsleeved cards
  • Top tray
Big card case



Lord of the Rings engraving
Big card case
Big card case
Big card case
Big card case
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Our Big Card Case is perfect for the enthusiast who wants a bigger than usual box for heaps of storage.
The box measures 370 x 300 x 130 mm - which gives a generous amount of space for lots of cards - sleeved or unsleeved - the choice is yours. 16 dividers are included in the box to make your collection easy to store.
Each one of the 4 sections will take approximately 840 unsleeved cards - this will depend on how many dividers you use.
In total, the box has potential for approximately 3300 unsleeved cards.

Two removable token trays sit neatly in one of the sections and a full size tray measuring 350 x 275 x 28mm fits neatly over the top of the slots - plenty of room for the rule books.
You can personalise this box for your favourite card game - just send me a message with your requirements - an extra charge is made for this - select the ‘Customisation’ button to add this to your order and then email us with the details of your requirement.
The photos above show the ‘Ring’ from LOTR and the Elder Sign & Arkham Horror engraved on the lid.

Extra dividers are available @45p each.