Basically Wooden | Spirit Island


  • Sleeved Card holder with dividers
  • Removable trays & individual player trays
  • Fast and easy setup
Spirit Island organiser
Spirit Island organiser
Spirit Island organiser
Spirit Island organiser
Spirit Island organiser
Spirit Island - defend it at all costs! Now you can get to the game quicker than ever with our neat new organiser.
Open the box to see the map tiles lying neatly over the customised holders.
A full length card tray with 12 dividers for sleeved cards - a slot for each set of:
  • Player Aid Cards
  • Fear Cards
  • Invader Cards 
  • Major Power Cards
  • Minor Power Cards
  • Unique Power Cards
  • Blight Cards
  • Power Progression Cards
The Spirit Panels, Adversary Panels and Scenario Panels lie flat in the first tray together with the Invader Board. Lift this tray out to reveal the 4 individual player pots, Fear & Blight tokens, Cities and Towns plus the Explorers, and finally, the Dahan and Energy markers. All the trays are removable enabling fast set up and break down.
Our organiser is flat packed ready for assembly - all you need is a sharp knife, PVA wood glue and a little patience. Simple assembly instructions showing step by step photos with hints and tips.

Game is not included.
Ready assembled organiser now available too!
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This is a 3rd party accessory for Spirit Island - all product names are trademarks of their respective owners which are in no way associated or affiliated with Basically Wooden.
Spirit Island organiser
DIY £25.00 + £4 UK P&P

ASSEMBLED £40 + £4 P&P