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  • Simple set up for a great game
  • All the card trays and token trays are removable
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A brilliant organiser for a game with loads of components - speed up your set up time with our organiser - a place for cards, tokens and boards…
There’s a lot to this game but our organiser has it all sorted.
Open the box to see the Rule Book and the game board on top - lift these out to reveal the card slots and token trays neatly stacked.
The Ancient One sheets are held neatly on top of the token trays with a clever recess cut into the side of the token trays.
The card trays have adjustable dividers and hold the Investigator Cards and the Ancient One Cards - easily identify the cards in their separate slots.
Tucked in behind the row of cards is a small removable box with the plastic stands for the Investigators.
The Monster Markers are neatly in a row next to the cards - the 5 Mask Monsters used when Nyarlathotep is revealed as the Ancient One are kept in a separate little section at the end.
The 4 token trays are sectioned so all the tokens are separated.
All the trays and card trays can be removed from the box so everything is to hand to set up quickly for a great game!
Please Note: Game is not included.
Ready assembled organiser now available too!
Postage prices are for the UK - please
contact us for overseas postage costs.
This is a 3rd party accessory for ARKHAM HORROR - all product names are trademarks of their respective owners which are in no way associated or affiliated with Basically Wooden.
DIY £25 + £3.50 UK P&P

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