Basically Wooden | Agricola


  • Simple set up for a great game
  • 2 full size trays
  • Player tokens in separate boxes
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Our game box organiser for Agricola consists of token and component trays and boxes and a clever card dispenser. This insert will accommodate the older 5 player version or the 4 player version - plenty of room for everything.
2 token trays for the wooden and card components - sheep, wild boar, cattle, building tokens, clay, reed, stone, grain and vegetables; food markers, suggestion markers and goods tiles.
Each player has a small box for their coloured player tokens.
120 action cards are cleverly stacked into the card tray which has 5 sections - 3 for cards and 2 for the tiles.
The scoring pad tucks neatly over the recess in the card tray.
Stack everything into the box and lay the action tiles over the token trays - top it off with the game boards and rule book, slide on the lid and Agricola is safely packed away until next time!

Ready assembled organiser now available too!
Postage prices are for the UK - please contact us for overseas postage costs.
This is a 3rd party accessory for AGRICOLA - all product names are trademarks of their respective owners which are in no way associated or affiliated with Basically Wooden.
DIY £25 + £3.50 UK P&P

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